Fred Alper to kick off CEO Gathering on Feb. 28

I’ve invited Fred Alper to kick off our upcoming CEO Gathering about “The Post-CEO Life” on Thursday, February 28, in Lexington. The gathering includes dinner and discussion. We will meet from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Learn more and register here.

Here are the questions that will frame our discussion:

Looking ahead to the post-CEO life

  1. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be completely retired. How do I remain active post-CEO?
  2. What in the CEO job will I miss most? How can I replace those parts?
  3. Should I try to foresee and plan, or figure it out after I’ve taken the leap?
  4. How do I assess readiness?
    • My business’s readiness to run without me?
    • My own readiness to live without my business?
  5. Could I continue to own my business, but not run it?

    Living the post-CEO life:
  1. What was my biggest post-CEO surprise?
  2. How could I have prepared better?
  3. What roles are possible? Which ones have worked out best? (Fred Alper will survey his 19 years of post-CEO life.)
  4. What has the world found valuable in me? Have I remained up-to-date and relevant in my original industry? Have I developed credibility outside my industry?
  5. Have I given myself permission to try things that might not work out?
  6. Do I ever want to retire completely and live the post-post-CEO life?

Join us. This will be a good one.