Part-time CFO

What We Offer:

Johnston Company partners with CEOs as a part-time CFO or controller to:

  • Manage all finances
  • Secure new bank lending
  • Acquire venture capital
  • Create business plans and shareholder agreements
  • Formulate product pricing strategy
  • Develop incentive and compensation plans
  • Coordinate sale of companies including finding a buyer, negotiating terms and managing transition
  • Collaborate on strategy, pricing, and positioning
  • Respond to Board of Directors’ financial requirements.

Success Stories – CFO Services:

Tizor Systems

Vanu, Inc.

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“Jim is not only a very experienced CFO, who is able to address the strategic needs of my business and ensure that a solid financial plan is in place, but also an invaluable advisor, who asks the unasked questions and challenges the management team to stay focused on the longer term needs of the company.”

—Edwin Hastings, Managing Director and President of OHO Interactive (2011)