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How to Recruit a Board of Directors

Top 4 Ways a Board of Directors Will Strengthen Your Company

Today, I need a board of directors for my life. This is one of those days when I am not swept along by any pre-existing agenda, or by the demands of clients, or by a fixed schedule of any sort. Today I am quite amazingly free to set a new direction for my time, my business, and my life. Many people never have days like today; many people choose to avoid such days. A day like today has raw, open-ended promise. It can be a liberating turning point, or a paralyzing waste. Read more…

Why Are Board Meetings Such a Waste?

To waste a Board meeting is to waste the company’s highest value-per-hour resource. Strong forces generate superficiality, confusion, and paralysis. It’s not easy to overcome these, but it’s worth a big effort. The Board can make a contribution nobody else can. Three patterns of waste are common: management is unprepared, management rigidly scripts the meeting, or directors don’t engage. For example, at one company, revenue growth ran 25% the first half of the year, but in recent months had fallen to 10%. Read more…

Managing Your Entrepreneurial CEO

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Power to the President

Powerful presidents are good for their companies. They are good for the customers, the investors, and yes, even for the employees. Powerful presidents make good decisions, influence events, and know where to take their companies to find success. Guilty feelings, shyness, political correctness, and fear of people’s responses can erode presidential power. But taken as a whole, nobody wants weakness in a president. This power has many manifestations. Power is firing people who do not perform. Read more…