Johnston Company can help a CEO who:

  • Has no CFO in place, or has one who is really more of a controller, and not an active thought partner to the CEO.
  • Is managing fast growth, and needs a grip on pricing, margin, distribution channel, collections, sales pipeline, funding, and cash burn, and how all these interact.
  • Is managing the shrinkage or the re-launch of a business.
  • Wants better ways to hold managers accountable for forecasting results and delivering them.
  • Is wondering how to staff the accounting function.
  • Wants to have more productive Board meetings, and more credibility with the Board.
  • Wants to position the business for sale or new funding.
  • Is saying, “I want to do things differently in this business.”

Part-time CFO

Executive Search

Advisor to CEOs

CEO Gatherings

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