Advisor to CEOs

What We Offer:

James Cannon Johnston partners with CEOs to help them:

  • Manage fast growth
  • Introduce an outside voice for guidance, one that understands the roles of the management team, CEO and Board
  • Manage the shrinkage or the re-launch of a business
  • Find better ways to hold managers accountable for forecasting results and delivering them
  • Run more productive Board meetings, get more out of the Board, and gain more credibility with the Board
  • Respond to Board of Directors’ requirements
  • Solidify the roles of the management team and the Board
  • Collaborate with an advisor on strategy, planning and repositioning
  • Position the business for sale or new funding
  • Shake things up and do things differently.

Success Stories – Advisor to CEOs:

Kettle Cuisine

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“Jim’s contribution was that of a steady hand and voice of experience…Being a CEO is a lonely job; as a neutral party Jim can fill that void and become the sounding board—that peer to confide in.”

—James Geshwiler, Managing Director of CommonAngels (2007)