“Jim is a great listener, and he did an excellent job helping us coalesce. His own background as a seasoned CFO helped him relate to the needs of our board members and management team. He could easily recognize what they needed and temper it with his experience and understanding of the role and market.”

—Grant Bennett, CEO, CPS Technologies (2011)

“Jim helped launch the Aurora Technologies Board in 1996 and recruited me to be a Board member. It was my first outside board – a great experience. I have since served on many Boards of Directors.”

—Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity (2011)

“Jim is not only a very experienced CFO, who is able to address the strategic needs of my business and ensure that a solid financial plan is in place, but also an invaluable advisor, who asks the unasked questions and challenges the management team to stay focused on the longer term needs of the company.”

—Edwin Hastings, Managing Director and President of OHO Interactive (2011)

“Jim’s role as my advisor made the search for the right board members more effective than the standard executive recruiter. Those board members were with me for almost ten years.”

—Jerry Shafir, President and Founder, Kettle Cuisine (2010)

“Jim built our first forecasting model and we use it constantly to know where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going. He has a very effective way of taking the management team through a monthly review of business performance, drivers and near-term outlook.”

—Sandra Serkes, CEO of Valora Technologies (2008)

“I considered Jim part of my management team. Originally I handled a lot of the financials myself, but I ended up delegating all of it to Jim. I felt very comfortable doing so.”

—Prat Moghe, Founder and CEO of Tizor Systems, since acquired by Netezza, an IBM company (2007)

“Jim’s contribution was that of a steady hand and voice of experience; not only from the financial perspective, but also from the operating side. Being a CEO is a lonely job; as a neutral party Jim can fill that void and become the sounding board—that peer to confide in.”

—James Geshwiler, Managing Director of CommonAngels (2007)

“As a Board, we could rely on Jim not only to hand us accurate financial information, but also to present it in a valuable way so we could quickly and easily see the information we needed.”

—Steve Smith, Managing Director of Masthead Venture Partners (2007)

“With Jim Johnston we got access to the expertise without incurring the expense of hiring a fulltime CFO. Jim helped us establish the process and develop the financial tools we needed to build our business.”

—Vanu Bose, CEO of Vanu, Inc. (2003)