Perhaps I can help you. You probably arrived here because someone told you that I help CEOs. A coach can help you succeed with important and new challenges.

Who I Am

I am a coach and advisor to CEOs. I’m part “therapist” and part “experienced management team member.”

My education and early jobs were in economics, finance, statistics, financial analysis, and accounting. At age 31, I went out on my own. My clients have been CEOs, including 60 CEOs who hired me as their part-time CFO. I’ve launched boards of directors and facilitated board meetings. I’ve done retained executive search.

Regardless of the original reason I was engaged, I have tended to become the CEO’s coach and advisor. Most clients have been founders; about half have been venture-funded. Now I focus primarily on being a coach. See more on my background at About Jim.

What Clients Get, In their Own Words

In the CEO Engagements, read statements from 15 CEOs. They say, in their own words, what difference it makes to work with me. Paired with each CEO’s statement is my own statement. My aim is to show you 15 “conversations” that convey the experience of working with me.


The Insights section of this website includes essays about the lives and challenges of entrepreneurial CEOs.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to explore further, please see the Reach Jim section.